In order to support your mind you must support your gut.  

What people are saying about Happy Juice.

Wow wow wow. This happy juice pack has really exceeded my expectations.

I’m feeling more prepared for my day when I take my happy juice and I am handling stress such better! I feel better emotionally and I’m actually feeling motivated to move my body.

I’m also a type 1 diabetic (I will always be on insulin this will never change)…my blood sugar levels seem to be more controlled. And I feel like my body is able to absorb the insulin better as I’m not needing as much as I used to!

Did you know insulin causes you to hold onto fat? I believe my high amount of insulin I was taking was causing my weightless to be non existent. 2.5 weeks on this stuff and I’m down from 164lbs-154lbs!!! I’m also not craving as much junk food, which certainly helps.  Thanks so much for sharing happy juice with me.  
- a very happy customer

Happy Juice.

Indulge in Amare's top three fan-favorite items, all combined into a single, effortlessly blendable, mood-boosting beverage! Crafted to enhance the connection between your gut and brain, the Bliss Blend offers a delectable method to elevate your mental well-being.

Do you struggle with any of this?
Exhaustion, Lack of motivation, Focus or Mental clarity, Bloating & Inflammation, Mood stability, Controlling mood swings/emotions, “squirrelly brain”, unorganized thoughts, midday crash, anxious feelings, depressive thoughts, inability to focus/remember, slow metabolism.

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Happy Hormones.

Feel like your best self with the Amare Happy Hormones Pack. Combine three of our most potent, all-natural plant-based proprietary blends to support the unique balance between metabolic hormones, stress hormones and sex/desires hormones.

Wholistic healing is what it is all about.